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Opened and Provisionally Closed:
   25) Science and Research

   18) Statistics
   20) Enterprise and Industrial Policy
   32) Financial Control

Screening Reports Approved at the Council of the European Union And Negotiations are to be Opened:
   17) Economic and Monteray Policy
   26) Education and Culture
   28) Consumer and Health Protection

Screening Reports Approved at the Council of the European Union with Benchmarks:
   4) Free Movement of Capital
   5) Public Procurement
   6) Company Law
   7) Intellectual Property Law
   8) Competition Policy
   9) Financial Services
   11) Agriculture and Rural Development
   12) Food Safety, Veterinary and Phytosanitary Policy
   16) Taxation
   19) Social Policy and Employment
   29) Customs Union

Draft Screening Reports are to be Approved at the Council of the European Union:
   1) Free Movement of Goods 
   3) Right of Establisment and Freedom to Provide Services
   10) Information Society and Media
   15) Energy
   21) Trans-European Networks
   22) Regional Policy and Coordination of Structural Instruments
   23) Judiciary and Fundemental Rights
   24) Justice, Freedom and Security
   27) Environment

Data Parts of Draft Screening Reports have been Consulted with Turkey:
   14) Transport Policy
   33) Financial and Budgetary Provisions

Screening Reports have not been dreafted yet:
   2) Freedom of Movement of Workers
   13) Fisheries
   30) External Relations
   31) Foreign, Security and Defence Policy

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