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17.05.2007 Gül: EU membership, cooperation in the Mediterranean not same

Friday, May 18, 2007

ANKARA - Turkish Daily News

  Foreign Minister Abdullah Gül said yesterday that membership in the European Union and cooperation in the Mediterranean were two separate things, apparently referring to French president elect Nicolas Sarkozy's firm opposition to Turkey's EU bid and his proposal for a Mediterranean bloc in which Ankara would become a pivot player. 

  "Turkey is one of the Mediterranean countries but cooperation in the Mediterranean and cooperation in Europe are two different things. Turkey is a country that started negotiations with the EU. This decision [on the start of entry talks] has been made unanimously," Gül told reporters in Ankara.

  Turkey's bid to become part of the EU took a blow with the May 6 election of Sarkozy as France's new president. Sarkozy has vehemently and consistently opposed Turkey's EU ambition, in contrast with his predecessor Jacques Chirac, who was in favor.

  Gül voiced Turkey's expectations that all the member states in the EU must be loyal to their commitments. "Of course, some domestic political developments might take place in member states but they should not be related to the negotiation process (of Turkey)."

  He said the EU would make a decision on Turkish membership only after the negotiations were completed and expressed hope that no obstacles would be placed before Turkey with regard to the negotiation process.

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