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Turkish National Agency Centre for Community Programmes for Education, Training and Youth - Turkey
Combined Nomenclature on the Common Customs Tariff of the EU
Community Legislation in Force Web Site managed by Eur-OP (OPOCE - Office for Official Publications of the European Communities)
ERPA - European Research Papers Archive

Important Links Related to the New Approach Policy
New Approach
Conformity Assessment
EOTC - European Organization for Conformity Assessment
TICQA - Database for Calibration, Certification, Inspection and Inspection
ACEN - European Committee for Stanrdization
CENELEC - European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization
ETSI - European Telecommunications Standards Institute
Guide to the Implementation of Directives Based on New Approach and Global Approach
List of References of Harmonized Standards
List of Notified Bodies
MRAs - Mutual Recognition Agreement
PECAs - Protocols to the Europe Agreements on Conformity Assessment and Acceptance of Industrial Products

European Institute of Public Administration
EU Business

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